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Loup Garou Tone Laboratory

Brimstone Overdrive Pedal

Brimstone Overdrive Pedal

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Custom Made Brimstone Overdrive Pedal For Electric Guitar

Get the sound you've always wanted with this custom pedal by Loup Garou!

Handmade circuits, all analog! Get the pedal that doesn't color your sound! Get Loup Garou Tone Laboratory today and be a pro tomorrow!
Take your riffs to the next level with this custom made pedal! For use with electric guitars. One new, unused Overdrive pedal in box. Plug-in cord NOT INCLUDED! Designed and machined by creative guest Loup Garou Tone Laboratory! Hurry before it's gone! FREE SHIPPING! Be sure to check out the Hell's Fire Distortion Pedal before you go!
-Another piece in the creative collective that's building a legendary project, the JjStaley Project!
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